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Kids' Web Classroom: Environments, Habitats, and Ecosystems

These kid-friendly sites can provide stimulating and topical hands-on web exploration opportunities for students.

Kids Do Ecology
        This project sponsored by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) showcases kids' ecology efforts, and includes kid-made websites.

Ecology Strikes Back!
        Designed with and for educators teaching ecology, this colorful and thoughtful site features grade specific stories and activities for students.

U.S. EPA Explorers Club
        This EPA site is tailored for kids aged 5-12, featuring fact sheets, interactive games, and more all about the environment.

Educational Science Adventures
        This site offers interactive, thought-provoking activities for students. Want to build a healthy prairie or track a tiger? This is the place.

        The Illinois EPA Envirofun pages are designed for youngsters and contain content appropriate for elementary students.

        E-patrol is a colorful and interesting place where kids can learn about the environment.

Rainforest Action Network: Kids' Corner
        The Rainforest Action Network developed this site for kids with easy-to-read information about indigenous people, plants, and animals with the goal of empowering them to help save the rainforests.

        This site offers the "Build-a-Prairie" interactive game for students. Restoring a prairie is a great challenge, requiring knowledge of biology, ecology, and even economics.

The Watershed Game
        Watershed game for kids focusing on decision-making and evaluation about watershed decisions, and players can find out about the consequences of their decisions at the end. The game has both novice and intermediate levels.

        "Splash," a game about water quality and the environment, can be ordered online or you may download a free demo from this site.

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